Chapter 3: Anukhai



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  1. Slightly lost only because Ch. 2 is glitched on my computer for some reason. I’m missing a chunk at the bottom but I think I know who is narrating. Still breathtaking scenery and character design keeps me interested.

  2. Wow, that’s quite a page! So many more questions than answers now, except that we know what sets Ulog on his journey. Your art is incredible. That fortress, such detail, and I hope to see more insects in the future because I like bugs. Even creepy ones.

    If you don’t mind some user experience input: This chapter took over a minute to load the single 3.5mb 18,600 pixel high image. That made the page hard to scroll and read while it was downloading. Chopping the image into smaller parts and reducing the JPEG quality just a little would really help give readers a smoother experience.

    1. I tried to remedy that issue: chapters are split into single-page images now, and scaled down a bit, too. Should load *much* faster now.

      Glad you liked the introduction of Utharc!
      Insects … well, I’ll keep that in mind. ^_____^

  3. Those dark panels are awesome! You really nailed the creepy feeling there. There’s a lot going on in this page but the vertical scroll works well — your portrayal of so many different worlds gives a feeling of vastness and intrigue.

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