Month: January 2014

Lost in Translation

But not the meaning.
It’s just the schedule.
I’m waaay behind it now.

Book One’s English tranlation is finished now for some days – except that damn title – any idea I have is blown to pieces immediately again, because that particular title is already at use somewhere. Most prominent examples so far:
“The Dark Side Of The Night”
“The Darkness Inside”

If someone of you wants to make suggestions on a nice title that somehow captures the mood of the German original “Diesseits der Nacht”, please feel free. It will earn you a line in the book’s credits (and you’ll be mentioned here too, of course).

What’s still left of work, is the ‘mechanical’ part, the rather tedious job of filling the text snippets into their pages – this is, where things got stalled at the moment. That is so, because it is my job, and I have been busy on drawing ideas for book 2 quicker than I can forget them again, and had absolutely no time (and mood, to tell the whole truth) to exchange this type of work by the other one.

However, I started to tackle that beast today. The first about 20 pages are done, and work proceeds quickly at the moment.

Caveat: I cannot grant the absence of another switch-over to book two scripting & scribbling. ^^

I’ll keep you posted.