This site is dedicated to the Tale of Telaya and Dioman, and it’s backstory, all playing during the Great War Of Mel, in the early days of the Universe:

“When Cin’Thele opens her eyes, she finds herself lying at the shores of a small lake she’s never seen before, amidst the ferns and mosses of a forest she doesn’t know , in a world obeying different rules.

Bringing nothing with her into this world except a dim memory of a task she ought to fulfill, and some disquieting glimpses of a dark past, she has no other choice than to start and find out where she’s been thrown into.

While seeking her steps into the foreign world, bit by bit, without knowing it, she stumbles right back into the fate she brought with her, deeper and deeper into the maelstrom of the War Of Mel, which has broken through the boundaries of the Ancient World, and is about to decide the fate of the young Universe … a Universe where Salharin still wander among the stars, and where the the Givers dwell, worshipped by old and new people alike.”

Telaya & Dioman is written as a series of four (or maybe more – I might decide to split one or more of the future books in half) comic books. The first one has been finished last year, and the second one is in the making – if all turns out well, it will be released at the end of 2014.

The complete story will be published as free online comic here.
For those who’d like to hold a printed book in their hands, and/or would like to support the project, printed copies will be available for order soon.

Have a look at the (German) release poster:

A little, but important remark at the very beginning:
I’m not a native speaker, nor am I accustomed to self-publishing.
So please be patient with me and my English … and feel free to point me, nose first, to my errors. I promise I’ll do my very best here, and will even try to improve. 😉
The comic itself, btw, will be published professionally translated by my good friend
Jenny Dolfen – thank you so much for your empathetic work, Jenny!

Enjoy. 🙂

“Telaya & Dioman” is written and drawn by

Helmut Schulz
Ochsenburger Strasse 8
75031 Eppingen

Reach me by phone:

Or contact me online:


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