Hrug’s War

The tale’s second chapter, Hrug’s War is currently in the making.
Due to it’s extent, work on the visual script/rough page scribbles will continue probably for most of 2015 still.

After it’s completion, I’ll start to publish Hrug’s War online, either in a 2- or 3-page per week, or a chapter-per-two-weeks regular cycle. That is to be seen yet.
Anyway, at that time there will be enough material to keep that cycle up for several years (I expect Hrug’s War to have a page count of >1000).

Until then, news related to Hrug’s War, scribbles, illustrations, any work-in-progress stuff will go here.

“Hrug’s War” or “The War of Hrug” – which one sounds better?


    1. Still not sure about it, but “Hrug’s War” has established itself as working title quite solidly, I’m getting used to it. ^^
      You’re right, the sound of it is rather … archaic. Good point, I like that.

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