The Crossroads Battle

Time for more “Hrug’s War” WIPs again.

I’m about to block out the comic’s first “real” “military” combat action:
south of the Great Cataracts of Melondel, two ancient roads cross – one, which once connected the North of Olveare with the ancient seaside towns at the Oriador opening, and another one, which leads from Eastern Olveare right to the Cliff (note to self: need to provide a map …).
It is Moruk land.

But Hrug’s minions and allies do not care.

Horseback Moruk warriors are about to drive a band of their old enemy, the Boneheads off, when they run into another enemy: a company of Northmen, well-trained elite warriors clad in iron, on their way to strenghten Hrug’s advancing forces …

Crossroads Battle #1
Crossroads Battle #2
Crossroads Battle #3
Crossroads Battle #4
Crossroads Battle #5
Crossroads Battle #6
Crossroads Battle #7
Crossroads Battle #8

C&C welcome.


  1. So I only just got here but I’m already liking what I see. Are those orcs? Tell me they’re orcs?

    I love how rich with movement these panels are, must’ve taken you forever @_@
    The fact that you’re willing to draw horses in motion at all is really impressive.
    I’m going to go back and start from an earlier work!

    1. Very glad to read that, thank you!

      Unfortunately I have to disappoint you anyway: no, no orcs here (no Tolkien races at all, even the pointy eared ones are rather different from Tolkien’s elves).
      They’re all human(-like, sort of prehistoric, ancient species), belonging to three different tribes (two of them closely related, but nevertheless at war with each other) …

      I’m really trying hard to capture the dynamics of the fighting, of battle. Incorporating horses into the action was challenging actually, but turned out to be not as tough as I had feared.

      As I do not try to produce accurate drawings here, it’s in fact rather quick work. The most exhaustive part here maybe was to determine a nice image sequence, what to show at all, from which perspective, in which order. Lots of experimenting – shifting panels from one to another page and back – included.
      That’s where a digital workflow really shines …

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