Chapter 8: Into Darkness



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  1. I’ll bet you’re really sick of hearing this but I’d love to see these in color. Obviously you’re saving time and eventually money by having it in black and white but in your case your characters and action are so rich and detailed, I feel like color would bring extra depth.

    But that’s just me :p

    I love the helmets. Having so much fun reading these.

    1. Hint taken. πŸ™‚
      … and yes, I’ve been told that one now and then already.

      Actually, I’m considering color for the future.
      It requires some more experimenting yet. I’d just throw some color layers over the grayscale base images – if I can get away with it without being slowed down too much, I’ll probably do it.

  2. Minor detail, but I really appreciate that you pay attention to how the canine positions its ears depending on the situation. I noticed it first in the running scene, and then again here. Animal body language can be super expressive, and it’s a pet peeve of mine to see creators ignore that (especially bad when they ignore their naturally expressive body language and just slap on human expressions/body languages.. argh!).

    1. Very happy to pass your test, then, in particular while I’m taking a look at your beautiful avatar … which also shows me in what a sloppy manner I draw that story.

      Given that a large (but not too obvious) part of “This Side of Darkness” is reminiscent of a very brave four-pawed Romanian friend with the appearance of a miniature wolf we once had, Nokha is very dear to me …

  3. WAIT! That’s the last one (for now). Aww, man. I was really enjoying your work. I guess now I’ll have to wait for the next page, just like everyone else. I’m sure it’s all happiness and puppies, right?

  4. I’m really enjoying the kineticism in this comic. Not only is the action itself handled really well, it flow great from panel to panel. The geography doesn’t really get confusing, which it can easily do. I also think it works better in black and white than it probably would in colour, espcially when it comes to the action.

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