Copy-editing & Artistic Consulting:

Jenny Dolfen
Katharina Rippel
Ricarda Schulz
Sebastian Schulz
Toby Lange

English Translation:

Jenny Dolfen

Movie Edition Soundtrack:



Unzialishthe Telaya & Dioman corporate ID font is (C) Manfred Klein
HenryMorganHand is (C) Typoasis, Manfred Klein & Paul Lloyd, 2004.
FuturaHandWritten, used on cover, posters and illustrations, is (C) Bill Snyder 2013
Suplexmentary Comic NC used to letter the comic pages, is (C) GrandChaos9000

Textures & Brushes:

Poster paper Texture by t-a-g-g-e-r
GIMP Brush set by chrisdesign

Thanks guys and gals. ^^

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